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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Parkinson's Disease Treatment in Palmer Alaska

The effects of Parkinson’s disease can be devastating for an individual. The body they used to be able to depend on seems to turn on them almost overnight. At Recovery Waters Physical Therapy, we work to give individuals back some measure of control by helping them improve their current quality of life.


LSVT BIG One Month Program


Our clinic provides a program that offers one-hour therapy sessions four days per week. We also give our clients exercises and homework to perform between visits. The goal is to see visible improvements in:


  • Walking

  • Balance issues

  • Getting dressed

  • Lifting themselves from low chairs

  • Job-related tasks


LSVT BIG focuses on making small and large motor tasks easier to manage. Your therapist creates a unique treatment plan after an initial consultation.


Recovery Waters Physical Therapy is always happy to answer any questions you may have about Parkinson's disease treatment. Feel free to contact us at (907) 331-6992.

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